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Strange Sex Stories from the Muslim World.

"Parents marry off their daughters to be relieved of the cost of their care or because they believe a husbands family can offer better protection," UNICEF said. "Families also seek dowry payments to cope with conflict-related hardship." Horror cases abound. A father ran out of cash while buying qat — leaves habitually chewed as a stimulant in Yemen — so he gave his daughter to the dealer in marriage. Another man married off his daughter three times in two years for repeated dowries, all before she turned 18. In another case, a child bride who had been handed over by her father in exchange for a taxi bled to death after being forced to have sex days after her wedding. Marrying off young daughters for the dowry in Yemen : As civil war grinds on in Yemen and families become destitute, one option to decrease expenses and raise capital is to marry off pre-pubescent girls. Sudarsan Raghavan reports from Khamer, Yemen, for the Washington Post about Fayrouz Ahmed Haider, 10 or 11 years old: Fayrouzs mother needed a blood transfusion. The family sold their belongings after fleeing airstrikes in the northern city of Saada last year. But the money raised was not enough to pay their debts to the hospital and relatives. Their shy daughter, a shade under 4 feet tall, became their only source of income. "We needed the money from the dowry," said her father, Ahmed Haider Sayed. "Or else, I would never have married her off." Due to her extreme youth, Fayrouzs husband had to sign a document promising not to consummate their marriage until she reached puberty. He paid $2,000 for her dowry, with $400 more at a future date. However, after the wedding, when they reached her husbands home, he started to flirt with her and ordered her to get into his bed. Scared, she ran into a bedroom and locked herself inside. "He wanted to sleep with me," Fayrouz said. "But I ran so fast. I called my father and he called my grandfather." Her grandfather, who lived in the same town, came immediately. "They acted innocent in front of my grandfather," Fayrouz recalled. "When he arrived, I was dressed, packed and ready to leave." They returned to Khamer. But shes still married. Theres no way her parents can afford to return the dowry money. "Shes staying with us until she reaches puberty," said Fayrouzs father, adding that her in-laws will pay the remaining $400 only after she returns.